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Digital Court Reporter - All locations

Department: Independent Contractors
Days Worked: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.

Role Description

Are you a computer whiz who is interested in the latest technology, or are you interested in developing these skills? Do you like the idea of being your own boss as an independent contractor and controlling your own work schedule? Does observing lawyers in action, listening to the details of cases, and watching justice unfold sound exciting?

If you answered yes, then you might make an excellent Digital Reporter!

The role of a Digital Reporter (“DR”) is to officiate a civil litigation proceeding and to capture witness testimony. The DR is responsible for:

1. Managing the proceedings as an independent arbiter of the record

2. Swearing-in witnesses and acting as Notary of the State

3. Generating a clear and complete recording of the proceeding using high-fidelity audio technology

4. Creating accurate and detailed annotations of case events and terminology to serve as a guide for subsequent transcription.

Digital Reporting is a growing profession in high demand. Digital reporters are independent contractors – as such, DRs can work as frequently as they like, and with flexible work hours.

Qualifications and Skills

1. Ability to obtain a state Notary Commission/License

2. Confidence to moderate a legal proceeding and swear in a witness

3. High School or GED required minimally

4. English speaking, with ability to read and write fluently

5. Proficient with technology, including fast and accurate typing (40 WPM)

6. A laptop with Windows operating system with at minimum a Quad Core Processor.

7. Recording hardware including microphones, a backup recorder, memory cards, headphones, and cables 

8. Professional, punctual and presentable

Working Environment and Location Possibilities

1. Maintaining detailed focus in multiple areas for long periods of time

2. Maintaining composure and professionalism under pressure

3. Working within an office environment, typically at a law firm or insurance company.

4. Working remotely from a professionally appropriate at-home environment.

5. Working jobs at physically local proceeding locations.

6. Working jobs remotely across national proceeding locations.

Highly Desirable - Qualifications and Skills:

1. Experience with professional audio or video equipment

2. Experience in the legal field

3. Knowledge of the U.S. civil deposition process

4. Familiarity with legal documents and terminology

Job Advertisement

Veritext is looking for reporters across the country, with opportunity for those looking to gain experience in a new career. New reporters are ready to work upon program completion and with Notary in hand. Veritext will manage job assignments based upon geographic needs and notary allowances. In-person and remote work is available, covering local and/or national jobs. See list of location within full job description.

NOTE: Application to multiple posts/locations will not increase contract likelihood. Please select one post to apply to and allow the process to place you in the most viable location.


This application is for candidacy to work as an independent contractor Digital Reporter. Independent contractors are not guaranteed any amount of work and are in full control of what work they accept when made available. Jobs will be assigned according to business volume, skill level and availability.

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